Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Devoted to Prosperity of Agriculture and Farmers
Vice Chancellor

Duties & Functions

The duties and functions of the Vice Chancellor shall be as under :

  • The Vice-Chancellor is the principal executive and academic officer of the University and in absence of the Chancellor, preside at any convocation of the University. He is be an ex-officio member and Chairman of the Board and of the Academic Council.

  • The Vice-Chancellor exercises general control over the affairs of the University and is responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the University.

  • as power to convene meetings of the Board and the Academic Council.

    (b) He may delegate the power under clause (a) to any other officer of the University.

  • It is the duty of the Vice-Chancellor to ensure that the provisions of this act, the statutes and regulations are faithfully observed and he has all the powers necessary for the purpose.

  • The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the presentation of the annual financial estimates and the annual accounts and balance sheet of the University to the Board.

  • (a) In any emergency which in the opinion of the Vice-Chancellor, requires that immediate action should be taken, he l takes such action as he deems necessary and l at the earliest opportunity thereafter reports his action to such officer, authority or body as would have in ordinary course dealt with the matter.

    (b) When action taken by the Vice-Chancellor under this sub-section affects any person in the service of the University, such person shall be entitled to prefer an appeal through the said officer, authority or body to the Board within one month from the date on which such action is communicated to him.

  • The Vice-Chancellor gives effect to the orders of the Board regarding the appointment, dismissal, suspension and punishment of officers, teachers and other employees of the University.

  • The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the proper administration of the University and for close co-ordination and integration of teaching, research and extension education.

  • (a) Subject to the provisions contained in sub-section (6) and notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (7), where the Vice-Chancellor, after making such inquiry as may be deemed fit, is of the opinion that the execution of any order or resolution of an authority specified in or declared under section 17 or the doing of anything which is about to be done or is being done by or on behalf of the University, -

    1. Is inconsistent with the provisions of this Act or of any Statutes, or Regulations, or

    2. Is not in the interest of the University, or

    3. Is likely to lead to breach of peace, (a) He may forward a copy of the order or resolution or, as the case may be, refer the doing of the thing, with a statement of reasons, to the authority which made the order or passed the resolution or proposes to do the thing for reconsideration by that authority as to 5 whether the said order or resolution may not be rescinded, or revised or modified in the manner staled by him or the doing of the thing be refrained from.

    (b) Where the authority, after reconsideration, revises or modifies the order or the resolution in the manner stated by the Vice-Chancellor, then notwithstanding anything contained in clause (e), such revised or modified order or resolution shall revive from the date of such revision or modification.

    (c) Where the authority revises or modifies the order or resolution in such manner as is inconsistent with the manner stated by the Vice-Chancellor, the ViceChancellor shall refer the matter to the Chancellor for his decision.

    (d) The Chancellor may, on such reference being made, revise or modify the order or resolution or direct that the order or resolution shall continue to be in force with or without modification permanently or for such period as he may specify Provided that the order or resolution shall not be revised or modified or continued by the Chancellor without giving the concerned authority a reasonable opportunity of showing the cause against the order proposed to be made by him.

    (e) The order, resolution or, as the case may be, the doing of thing, shall remain in abeyance from the date of the action of the Vice-Chancellor of forwarding the copy of order or resolution or of making reference under clause (a) till the date of the order of the Chancellor under clause (d).

  • The Vice-Chancellor exercises such other powers as may be prescribed.