Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Devoted to Prosperity of Agriculture and Farmers


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    The Board of Management (BOM) is the apex body of the university, which makes policy decisions, provides guidance for governance, and appoints faculty and staff and controls assets and finances of the university. The Governor of Gujarat is the Chancellor and Chief of the University, whereas the Vice-Chancellor is the Principal executive& Academic Officer of the university and serves as chairman of the BOM, Academic Council and the other important committees. There are 17 official and non-official members in the Board of Management. Other administrators assisting the Vice-Chancellor are the Registrar for general administration, legal, academic matters and the Comptroller for financial management. The undergraduate teaching programmes of various faculties are administered by respective Principal of the College under overall supervision of the Dean & Registrar, whereas postgraduate programmes are administered by Dean, Postgraduate Studies. The Academic Council at the university level and the Board of Studies at the college level play an effective role in designing new courses, modifying course curricula and other academic matters. The Director Students’ Welfare looks after students’ welfare, extracurricular activities, sports, medical and health care. Research and extension programmes are supervised by the Director of Research and the Director of Extension Education, respectively. The Director of Research is assisted by Additional Director of Research in Agriculture and Coordinators of Research of the respective colleges of the university. An Additional Director of Extension Education assists the Director of Extension Education in training and communication. The maintenance of infrastructure and physical facilities are being looked after by the Executive Engineer.

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