Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Devoted to Prosperity of Agriculture and Farmers

Duties & Functions

In addition to the powers and duties specified in Section 15 of the Act, the duties and functions of the Registrar shall be as under :

  • Be the Chief Custodian of all the records, common seal and such other properties of the University as the Board of Management shall commit to his charge from time to time.

  • Act as Secretary to the Board of Management, Academic Council and such other committees as may be specified and to attend all meetings of the Board of Management and Academic Council and to depute any of his assistants to the Committees constituted under the Statute and write minutes thereof.

  • Conduct the official correspondence of the Board of Management and Academic Council and all Selection Committees and examination of the students as well as correspondence of administrative and personnel matters of the employees of the University.

  • Deal with the legal matters of the university.

  • Issue notices convening meetings of the Faculties, Boards of Studies and other Committees.

  • Make arrangements for admission of students and for enrollment to the University.

  • Maintain records of all degrees, diplomas conferred by the University, issue mark-sheets, transcripts and provisional and other certificates, except degree certificates of the students, under his signature.

  • Maintain permanent records of all courses, curricula and other relevant information.

  • Maintain permanent records of the academic performance of students of the University including the courses taken, grades obtained, degrees awarded, prizes or other distinctions earned and any other item pertinent to the academic performance of students and make the same available to the students and academic staff on request as specified by regulations.

  • Sign, after obtaining the necessary approval of the competent authority; all contracts and Deeds in connection with the administrative and service matters of the University, all bonds, agreements, lease deeds or any other legal documents entered into with the Central Government, State Government or any other duly constituted body, written statement or any such similar documents while filing or defending any civil, criminal, labour or industrial proceedings.

  • Assist and advise the Vice-Chancellor in all administrative matters of the University.

  • Ensure up-to-date revenue record of all lands of the University, its upkeep, care and maintenance by the various departments of the University.

  • Act as Principal Liaison Officer of the University, for all matters with the Council of State Agricultural Universities, the State Government and Central Government, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, the University Grants Commission, other Universities and other bodies.

  • Initiate proposal for holding the Convocation with the prior approval of Vice-Chancellor and other competent authorities and to take further arrangements thereof.

  • Ensure strict enforcement of the various Service Rules laid down by Statute for the employees of the University.

  • Maintain or cause to be maintained service records of all categories of staff.

  • Carry out annual physical verification of stocks and stores in Vice-Chancellor’s office.

  • Arrange for the security of the main campus of the University and its sub-centres.

  • Arrange for the conduct of all examinations of all courses and to ensure timely declaration of results.

  • Ensure uniform standards of teaching and evaluation in all constituent and affiliated colleges / Institutions / Polytechnics / Agricultural schools / Agricultural Training Institutes and recognised institutions of the University.

  • Exercise general administrative control over affiliated colleges / institutions, academic staff members, students and funds allotted for education and all physical properties, facilities and materials assigned by the University for the pursuit of educational programmes.

  • Be responsible for the due observance of the provisions of Statutes, Rules and Regulations of the University by different faculties of the University.

  • To be responsible for reporting to Government about any decision or action taken by any authority of the University, which is in contravention of the provisions of the Act, Statutes, Rules and Regulations.

  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be required in order to further the objectives of the University or as per the directions of the State Government or the Council of State Agricultural Universities, as may be conferred or imposed on him by the Statutes, Regulations or by the ViceChancellor from time to time.