Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Devoted to Prosperity of Agriculture and Farmers

Hostel environment plays an important role in the development of personality and character of the student. Being a residential University, good hostel facilities are provided to all the under-graduate and post-graduate students at the University campus. In the hostel/campus, student mess, canteen for breakfast, co-operative store and other essential facilities are available. In some of the hostels self-managed mess are run and managed by the students while some are managed by contract system under the supervision of Warden / Asst. Warden. Library room is also available in the hostels with facilities of news papers in English and Gujarati, popular magazines, magazines for competitive examinations etc. for the benefit of students. The hostels are well equipped with Solar Water heating system, Water Cooler, Telephone, television etc. The other facilities for meeting day to day requirements of students like Laundry, Tailor, Cycle store, Provisional store, Bus facility for Transportation, Telephone, Xeroxing facility, Post Office, Bank etc. are also available at this University campus. The Warden and Asst. Warden appointed in each College for maintenance of students' facilities like water and electricity supply, television, sanitation and hostel library and solving the residential problems of the students.