Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Devoted to Prosperity of Agriculture and Farmers
Director of Students Welfare

Duties & Functions

The Duties and Functions of the Director of Students Welfare shall be as under :

  • To make arrangements and supervise of the housing and messing of students, in close coordination with the Deans of the respective colleges / institutions;

  • To arrange programmes of students’ counseling.

  • To arrange for the placement and employment of students in accordance with the approved scheme

  • To initiate, plan and organise students’ extra - curricular activities such as sports, cultural, adventure and other recreational activities and to look after the general welfare of the students.

  • To assist in the placement of the graduates of the University

  • To organise and maintain contact with the Alumni Association of the University

  • To establish liaison between students and teachers in consultation with Deans, Directors of Colleges.

  • To ensure health and hygiene of the students and control medicinal and health services and other welfare activities of health centre of the University.

  • To arrange for trainings to the students to improve their overall personality and communication skills for various competitive examinations.

  • To maintain discipline, law and order of the students in the constituent colleges / institutions, through the respective Principal / Deans and for the discharge of the duty may award suitable punishment to the students on the recommendations of the concerned Deans in accordance with the rules and regulations made in this behalf for acts of misdemeanor except that before he expels or rusticates a student, he shall get the prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor.

  • To make arrangement for award of Gold Medals and Prizes etc. to the students in consultation with the Registrar of the University.

  • To arrange educational tours and finalise the tour programmes of the students as per the existing policies of the University in consultation with the respective Deans.

  • To maintain Play-grounds / Sports facilities of Colleges / Institutions through Physical Instructor in coordination with the Principals.

  • To organise co-operative consumers’ societies, canteens and cooperative societies for the welfare of students and the University employees in consultation with concerned officers.

  • To exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be required in order to further the objectives of the University or as per the directions of the State Government or the Council of State Agricultural Universities, as may be conferred or imposed on him by the Statutes, Regulations or by the ViceChancellor from time to time.