Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Devoted to Prosperity of Agriculture and Farmers
Director of Extension Education

Duties & Functions

The duties and the functions of the Director of Extension Education shall be as under :

  • Be responsible for initiation, organisation, coordination and conduct of extension education programmes in consultation with Deans, other Directors and the Heads of the Department of concerned subject with concurrence of the Vice-Chancellor.

  • Exercise broad administrative control over extension education staff, funds allotted for extension education; all properties, facilities and materials assigned by the University for the pur- suit of extension education programmes.

  • Supervise and exercise control over the extension education activities of all categories of academic staff members.

  • Be responsible for ensuring close co-operation and co-ordination of the extension education activities of the University among its constituent colleges, affiliated colleges, research centers and recognised institutions, on one hand and among the concerned Departments of the State Government and Institu- tions on the other.

  • Formulate budget estimates for extension education programmes and activities for all the concerned departments of the University in consultation with the Deans and the Heads of Departments.

  • Guide and supervise the working of the Information and Publicity Section dealing with publicity, publications, audio-visual aids, radio and electronic media etc., for the successful implementation of the extension education programmes and other activities.

  • Organise extension education units at each of the constituent and affiliated colleges for undertaking and conducting exten- sion education programmes and shall supervise their working.

  • Initiate and organise, in consultation with concerned officers of the State Government, Director of Research, Deans and Heads of other institutions; seminars, training classes, camps etc, of farmers and farm women.

  • Act a liaison officer for extension education activities of the University under the guidance of the Vice-Chancellor for dealing with all aid-granting agencies, such as the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Department of Science and Technology and other Central and State Governments and autonomous institutions or trusts or Co-operative institutions and any other cooperating institutions and agencies.

  • Initiate, plan and organise extension training programmes for professional extension workers including those serving under the constituent and affiliated colleges, research centers, other recognised institutions, Central and State Governments and autonomous institutions.

  • Issue certificate under his signature of various extension train- ing programmes conducted by the university.

  • Sign Memorandum of Understanding in connection with the Extension Projects to be undertaken in the University as ap- proved by the Board of Management.

  • Be responsible for annual verification of stocks and stores of the schemes / centers under his control.

  • Make arrangements, with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor, for holding conferences, symposia, seminars and such other meetings and lectures as may be deemed essential and / or desirable.

  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be required in order to further the objectives of the University or as per the directions of the State Government or the Council of State Agricultural Universities, as may be conferred or imposed on him by the Statutes, Regulations or by the Vice- Chancellor from time to time.