Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

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About Library

The Central Library is extending its services to the students of all the colleges and polytechnics as well as teachers, research scientists and other faculties of the Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada  Agricultural University. The Central Library has adequate numbers of text books, reference books, Research Journals, Periodicals, Back volumes and related material for the development of human resources and to cater the needs of students and faculties.

The Central Library has computer lab with free internet connectivity for searching references from CD-ROM, Data Base, E-mails and web browsing. Moreover, the special free operative services viz, CAB Abstract, CeRA, Krushiprabha, e-books and online Research Journals are also available in the library. The complete web based computerization and automation of the library is available to access the information from any LAN connection.


  • To develop qualitatively the library's universal collection.
  • To document the history and further the creativity of the students and faculties.
  • To record and contribute to the advancement of civilization and knowledge throughout the world.
  • To acquire, organize and provide access to maintain, secure and preserve the collections.